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120-hour tesol-TEFL Certificate
120-hour tesol-TEFL Certificate

This 4-week in-class course (intensive)  is internationally-accredited  and recognized worldwide

This course is 70% practical and delivered by highly-qualified and internationally-experienced ESL-EFL Teachers/teacher trainers. Our trainers enthusiastically share their fresh and up-to-date teaching experience in other countries with their trainees in order for them to have a solid grasp on the application of modern teaching approaches, methodologies, and techniques in an ESL-EFL Classroom of adults, teenagers, children, and toddlers.



This 6-hour piece of training is ideal for novice and experienced teachers as well as ELT Students who want to be introduced, in a practical way, to the most recent and effective EFL-ESL teaching approaches and methodologies

Some reviews (Read more reviews on our facebook pages TESOL Algeria and TEFLers Academy)


BA IN ENGLISH, Currently working as an ESL Teacher in China

Course attended: 120-hr in class TESOL training

This course was of a great benefit for me. What i acquired in 120 hours will, for sure, help me for a lifetime once i pursuie my teaching career.the honesty, advice and dedication of our trainer Mr. Amine Alliche helped me through that process. I also encountered modest and kind people and for the First time in my life, i knew how does it féel to be a good teacher ,seeing thé satisfaction in students eyes. Thank you for giving me this experience.i will never forget it.


ENS GRADUATE (a five-year degree in English language teaching), Public High School English teacher:

Course attended: 120-hr in class TESOL training

This TESOL training is such a great experience. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to become a successful international English language teacher. Or for already teachers, as was the case for me, to get updated and learn about the most efficient international standards of language teaching.

What made this experience even better was having such a great and hard-working trainer, Mr Amine, and having the chance to meet all the trainees who had a lot to learn from.


Engineering graduate, currently working as  a private K-12 School English teacher in Algeria

Course attended: 120-hr in class TESOL training

Marvelous experience. There is a before and an after this training. It provided me exactly what I needed to become an international English teacher even though I have an engeneering background. And beside the training itself, you learn a lot from the other trainees ( generaly already teachers ). I recommend it 120%


MA IN ENGLISH, currently Phd student in England

Course attended: 120-hr in class TESOL training

It was such an amazing experience. I met with a splendid trainer, gorgeous friends and great students, I liked teaching but always felt like I missed something, I found what I was looking for in this course; effective methods that would ease the process of learning with enough practice. I have no regret whatsoever in investing money, time and energy to this course because it was so worth it.

Who are we? 

TEFLers Academy is an international Teacher Training Academy and Language School specialized in the English language. With our team of highly-qualified professionals, we are committed to offering the best quality in teaching and training that is in line with the most recent and effective international approaches, methods, and techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language.

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