You can't give away what you don't have!

This is why we decided to let you know that the academy is managed by a highly-qualified professional who does his best to make sure that the academy gives its trainees and students the education they deserve
Mr. Mohamed Amine ALLICHE is an ESL-EFL teacher, teacher trainer, and coursebook author with many years of post-certificate ESL-EFL teaching experience at private schools in Turkey and Algeria. He taught all ages (toddlers to adults) and all levels (True beginner to Advanced) in different settings such as K12-schools (Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and High School), language schools, summer camps, freelance and one to one teaching...etc. He trained more than 200 novice and experienced teachers and participated in teacher orientation, observation and providing constructive feedback. Mr. Mohamed Amine Alliche is the author of LEGEND ENGLISH coursebook which is a modern English teaching coutsebook that is in line with the Common European Framework of References for Languages CEFR
Education and Qualifications
Mr. Mohamed Amine Alliche is an English linguistics Graduate from a public university in Algeria. Holds an internationally-recognized TESOL certificate as well as a Diploma. He is also a Certified Teacher Trainer. He attended several short teacher training courses, conferences, and workshops in Turkey such as a two-week CTS training (Certificate in Teaching Skills - Young Learners), Cambridge teacher training roadshow in Konya and Istanbul and other Cambridge and Oxford University Press conferences and workshops. Mr. Mohamed Amine Alliche has never stopped learning, experimenting and working on his Continuing Professional Development as well as sharing his knowledge and experience in very simple, interactive, fun and practical ways with other teachers.
Note: Post-certificate teaching experience means the experience that you gain after completing an initial teacher training course such us TEFL-TESOL-CELTA. Teachers get to experience the application of the skills they gain from those courses and build a solid experience that qualifies them to train novice and experienced teachers.