Branches and Authorized Schools:

1: Branches:

TEFLers Academy Tlemcen / English Zone

Phone number: 0562137334

Address: Allée des noyers, grand bassin, Tlemcen centre

The following schools are authorized to use LEGEND ENGLISH COURSEBOOK, If the name of the school doesn't appear in this list, it means that they are illegally using it; legal actions will be taken against them. Please report any schools that are using our book without permission by contacting and informing us.
1) Aintouta Training Center, Batna مركز عين توتة للتدريب، باتنة
2) Safi Errahman Academy, Batna أكاديمية صفي الرحمان، باتنة
3) Centre Selma, Chlef مركز سالمة للإبداع، الشلف
4) Ecole SamyEtYanis, Bordj el Bahri, Algiers
5) Institut International de Coaching et de Langues, Tlemcen
6) TEFLers Academy Tlemcen / English Zone
7) Al Nibrass center, Boueinan, Blida مركز نبراس النجاح لتعليم اللغات و التدريب بوعينان البليدة
8) Al Djouzia School, Bougara, Blida مدرسة الجوزية لتعليم اللغات و التدريب بوڨرة البليدة