150-hour Blended TEFL-TESOL Teacher training

What is it?
150-hour Blended TEFL-TESOL is an extension of the online TEFL-TESOL course ( the online course's 120 hours + 30 hours of in-class teaching practice).

What do the 30 hours of teaching practice consist of?
- 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice with real learners for each trainee
-Peer observation
-Peer feedback and the trainer's feedback

How does teaching practice work?
A group of 5 TEFL-TESOL trainees (max) will teach 2 groups of real learners (A group of beginners + a group of intermediate-level students) for 5 days. Each of the trainees must complete a total of 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice
The 6 hours are spread among the 5 days so that each trainee can benefit from the constructive feedback given by the trainer and the other trainees and work on their weaknesses. Each trainee must prepare and submit a lesson plan for each lesson taught (6 lesson plans in total)
Each of the trainees, as well, must observe their peers, participate in giving constructive feedback, and submit observation forms.

How important is teaching practice?
Having at least 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice with real ESL-EFL Learners is one of the most important requirements by many employers around the world for TEFL-TESOL courses. Having teaching practice mentioned in your certificate will increase its value, recognition, and acceptance. But most importantly, it will give you the chance for a real application of what you learn in the course under the supervision and guidance of a highly qualified and experienced ESL-EFL teacher/teacher trainer ( We only work with trainers who have proven to be successful teachers, have experienced ESL-EFL teaching for years in at least 2 countries with different levels and different ages, and are highly-skilled and genuine when providing helpful tips and constructive feedback)

How do we enroll in the blended course?
-First, you should register in the 120-hour online TEFL-TESOL course and successfully complete it
-For more information about the online course, click here: https://teflersacademy.com/online_and_blended_tefl
-After successfully completing the online course, you will be eligible to enroll in the 30-hour in-class practice

30-hour in-class practice duration
- 5 intensive days and it is available in 2 versions: The intensive version (5 intensive days) and the weekend version ( 5 Saturdays)
- Registration for the in-class practice is done separately. Once you complete the online course, you may check or inquire about the upcoming sessions of in-class practice and choose the most suitable date and version (intensive or weekend)

86000 DA (36 000 DA for the online TEFL-TESOL + 50 000 DA for the 30 -hour in-class practice)
First, you enroll in the online course and pay 36 000 DA, successfully complete the course, receive your 120-hour certificate, then, once the in-class practice sessions are announced, you may register in one of them and pay 50 000 DA

A 150-hour TEFL (or TESOL) certificate is to be awarded to those who successfully complete the training
The teaching practice will be mentioned in the certificate

Upcoming 30-hour in-class practice sessions:
The upcoming sessions will be announced soon

Want to register?
Start by completing the 120-hour online course: