TEFLers Academy is accredited by THE CPD ACCREDITATION GROUP, UK
Registration number: 777055

1-TEFLers Academy is a registered and accredited private language-related training provider in Algeria which means that we have the legal right to provide any language-related courses or training as well as awarding certificates (Registration number: 3676087A18)
2- All of our certificates can be authenticated by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affaires and embassies of other countries
3- TEFLers Academy is internationally-accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group, UK, one of the most reputable accreditation bodies around the world, which is a proof of our Academy's good standing and commitment to providing high-quality courses
4- TEFLers Academy's TESOL-TEFL courses meet or exceed the minimum international standards required by employers around the world for initial teacher training