TEFLers Academy's 120-HOUR ONLINE TEFL-TESOL Teacher Training Course

What is it?
TEFLers Academy's 120-HOUR ONLINE TESOL-TEFL Teacher Training Course was designed for those who can neither commit to nor afford the in-class training. It consists of 12 units and is a blend of carefully-designed videos and written materials. It is one of the best and most unique TESOL-TEFL courses in the world as it is simplified and conducted in a very simple language that is easy to understand by those who do not have any background in teaching. It also includes a lot of demonstrations and video samples taken from real ESL-EFL classes of adults, teenagers, and young learners. Our course is, as well, straightforward and offers much more practical ideas than theory.
How to complete this course?
This course is self-paced which means you are free to complete it whenever you want. You have a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months to complete the whole course (an extension might be granted in case of unforeseen circumstances). Once you enroll in the course and pay the fees, we send you the units one by one, there is a video (or more) and/or pdf documents to read for every unit and a task to complete at the end of each unit. Once you study the materials of the unit, complete the task and send it back to us, we examine your answers, if your answers show a good understanding of the unit, we send you the materials of the coming unit. If not, one of our qualified trainers will send you constructive feedback and may ask you to make the necessary changes to your answers. Once you complete all the units, you will need to complete a final project which is to prepare a lesson plan that has to include the most important details and techniques that you are going to learn in this course. You will also be required to observe a videotaped full lesson and complete a lesson observation form.
What are the minimum requirements to be accepted in this course?
This course is suitable for anyone (native and non-native English speakers) who meets the conditions below
1- being 19 years old or above
2- Having a very good level of spoken and written English (Upper-intermediate and above)
3- Having a genuine interest in becoming a qualified and creative ESL-EFL Teacher

What is the content of this course?
This course includes, but not limited to, the following:
- An Introduction to ESL-EFL Terminology and Second Language Acquisition
- ESL-EFL Methodology (Traditional VS Modern: GTM, DM,Audio-lingualism, TPR,CLT,TBLT...etc)
- Lesson Planning ( PPP, ESA)
- Classroom Management
- Teaching Receptive Skills (Listening and Reading)
-Teaching Productive Skills (Speaking and Writing)
-Teaching Grammar and Lexis
- Error and mistake correction
- Equipment, materials and teaching aids
- Assessment and testing
- Teaching across age levels (toddler to adult)
- Teaching across proficiency levels (True beginner to Advanced) and understanding CEFR Levels (A1 to C2)
- Teaching Business English and 1 to 1
- Language Awareness (Grammar and Phonology)
- Lesson observation

Is there a certificate for those who successfully complete the course?
-Yes, of course!
An internationally-recognized 120-HOUR TEFL (or TESOL) Certificate is to be awarded by TEFLers Academy

Is TEFLers Academy a legal entity / accredited?
1-TEFLers Academy is a registered and accredited private language-related training provider in Algeria which means that we have the legal right to provide any language-related courses or training as well as awarding certificates
2- All of our certificates can be authenticated by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affaires and embassies of other countries
3- TEFLers Academy is internationally-accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group, UK, one of the most reputable accreditation bodies around the world, which is a proof of our Academy's good standing and commitment to providing high-quality courses
3- TEFLers Academy's TESOL-TEFL meet or exceed the minimum international standards for initial teacher training

fee / cost /price (Non-refundable):
in Algerian Dinar: 46 000 DA in Euro / Dollar: 230
Payment methods:
1-Paying at TEFLers Academy's headquarter in Bab Ezzouar, Algiers, Algeria
2-CCP transfer (Post office)
3- Visa / Master card
Do I have to pay extra fees to receive my certificate?
*If you prefer to receive your certificate via regular mail (or express mail within Algeria), you will not have to pay any extra fees
*If you prefer to receive your certificate via fast services such as DHL or EMS, you will have to cover the shipment fees.
*Candidates who reside in Algeria may pick up their certificates at the Academy's headquarter or receive them via mail

How to enroll?
Press register now button and complete the form. We will then send you a reply within 48 hours with the next steps
If you don't hear from us in 48 hours, please check the spam folder of your mailbox. Then, get in touch with us via our Facebook page or Instagram account. You may also contact us via phone: +213 559 90 80 79 - +213 779 64 41 53 (Phones are reachable during reception hours and days only)