ESL Teaching opportunities in China
China, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, presents a wealth of opportunities for those looking to teach English. With a booming education sector and a high demand for English language proficiency, China welcomes both native and non-native English speakers to join its dynamic workforce. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your teaching career, China offers diverse and enriching experiences that can significantly enhance your professional and personal growth
Requirements for non-native English teachers to be eligible to teach legally in China
-A bachelor's degree in English language studies (Didactics, Linguistics, Literature, Translation ...etc)
Some other majors might also be considered such as: Science, chemistry, biology, physics, math, business, and accounting.
-TESOL - TEFL - or CELTA certificate
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ESL job opportunities in China for Algerian English teachers

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Requirements to be eligible for TEFLers Academy's placement service in China
-Having a bachelor's degree in one of the majors mentioned above or a similar one.
-Being a TESOL or TEFL graduate from TEFLers Academy (The placement assistance for China is totally free of charge for our in-class and online graduates)
- For those with a CELTA or a TESOL - TEFL from another course provider, they may benefit from this service as well but not for free. The fee is 20000 DA that is to be paid by the teacher applicant to TEFLers Academy only if successfully accepted in the position.
Please note that applicants who obtained their TESOL or TEFL from cheap low-quality TESOL and TEFL providers will not be considered.
Selection process
Step 1:
CVs will be reviewed and only candidates who meet the requirements will be pre-selected
Step 2:
CVs will be sent to our partner schools in China based on the specific needs and requirements of each school.
Step 3:
The schools will do their pre-selection of candidates and contact them for remote interviews
Step 4:
Schools will make their final selections, select their teachers, and make their offers (contracts in which working conditions and salaries are mentioned)
Step 5:
If the selected teachers accept the offer, they sign the contracts and both sides start the hiring process
Teachers who get accepted need to submit the following documents to their school:
An authenticated Bachelor's degree
An authenticated criminal record
A TESOL-TEFL- or CELTA certificate
A recommendation letter
Application process
Teachers who are serious and interested to work in China may submit the following details and information via the following email address:

- A detailed CV in English
- A cover letter in English
- A photo
-The name of your TESOL-TEFL- or CELTA course provider (Company's name)
Please note that any application without any of the information or details requested above is not going to be considered